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ECO Brokerage

We are working to provide ECO funding to installers from Energy Companies, Green Deal Providers and Brokers. To date we have funded over 4,000 Tonnes of Carbon for EWI predominantly and over £10 Million of notional bill savings for boiler replacements in HHCRO.

Green Deal Cashback

There have been changes to the Green Deal Cashback scheme that means you can get up to £4000 cashback when you install certain measures. The details of the changes can be found here. To get the cashback the installed measures have to be signed off by a Green Deal Provider and that has meant that most people were unable to get it, we have set up a scheme with a Green Deal Provider so that your customers can get the cashback. An installer application form is available here. The completed application form and supporting documentation should be emailed to

For each application we will need a cashback agreement completing, available here and once the installation is complete a declaration of conformity, available here.

ECO Training

We have developed an ECO training module for Green Deal Installers wanting to understand everything about ECO and have the knowledge to be able to make the correct business decisions.

ECO Technical Monitoring

There are new Ofgem Technical Monitoring regulations from1st April 2014, we are able to offer a complete Technical Monitoring service that will keep you fully compliant. Details of the new regulations are available here.


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